Do your needs and my superpowers align? (Don’t worry, if it’s not something I can handle, I know someone amazing who can.)

Awesome graphs out of boring spreadsheets

Your data is only useful when it makes an impact on your audience. Simple explanations + Beautiful visualizations = Engaged viewers. And I can do just that.

Websites and web programming

Need a website you can maintain? Want some tweaks to the design that might involve custom programming? Interested in selling online courses?

You’ve come to the right place.

Not only am I a WordPress expert, my computer science background gives me full confidence in creating custom dynamic, interactive, database-driven website content.

Preparing documents for print

With 5+ years experience with an in-house print shop, getting your projects to the printer in the correct format with minimal fuss. Your projects will print faster and be in your hands ahead of schedule.


Aside from providing clients just like you with concise, content-rich copy, I also blog at Graphic Design Blender and have published my first ebook, How Much Should I Charge?.

Are we a great match? Let’s chat.