How Do You Know a Great Freelancer When You Meet One?

How to know a good freelancer.You’re a business or organization in need of design work. You don’t want to bring in an in-house designer, but from time to time you’d love to have an awesome go-to freelancer that knows your business and your taste.

But how do you know a great freelancer when you meet one? What traits does a great freelancer have?

Traits of a Great Freelancer

Whether you contact a potential freelancer via phone, Skype, or email, use this list to determine if you’ve found a keeper.

  1. Is Simple to Contact. A great freelancer makes it easy to get in touch and is up-front about their availability.
  2. Has Professional Communication Skills. A great freelancer establishes credibility with a confident pitch, a clear voice, and written correspondence free of spelling errors and grammar mistakes.
  3. Asks Questions. A great freelancer takes the time to learn about your company, your project, and your vision.
  4. Sets and Meets Deadlines. A great freelancer sets specific deadlines and meets them, even if it’s just returning a phone call. (Example: I’ll email you a quote no later than Wednesday. And then they follow through.)
  5. Uses a Contract. A great freelancer protects both parties by drafting a contract stipulating the project’s scope, time frame, and costs (at the minimum).
  6. Will Explain the Process. A great freelancer understands that you may not be familiar with the process of creating your project and will, upon inquiry, happily explain their method of doing business.

Click to tweet: “A great freelancer asks questions.” – April Greer, Greer Genius

Last But Not Least…

You should be comfortable with your freelancer. No matter how awesome a freelancer appears to be, you’ve got to feel like they’re a great fit for you and your company.

Chime in!

Join the conversation – leave a comment below! What traits did I miss? What do you look for in a great freelancer?

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9 thoughts on “How Do You Know a Great Freelancer When You Meet One?

  1. Great post! Thanks April.

    These are very important qualities for a great freelancer, also, they are really important for anyone who wants to be a great professional.

  2. Great Post April,
    good to know you’ve got your blog going on; always look forward to your post on GDB. Sure this goes beyond what to expect from a freelancer, but also modus operandi that guides a freelancer’s transition fro good to great.
    In my environment most client’s find it difficult to give response to what they think of their competitors, they think letting you in on their strategy makes in ineffective but that is what you’re there to project. How do I handle this.

    • Pishon-Boboye,

      Thanks for making my day! I’m so pleased to hear such kind words about my blog posts.

      People are very wary of discussing their strategies, I agree. I think your best bet is to promote yourself as a helper. You’re there to help, and you’re an expert in your field, and you can’t help them unless you understand their company and their competition.

      Perhaps also try rewording your questions if clients are resistant. Or ask if they’ve tried different tactics, so that you’re offering strategic ideas rather than asking them to provide them. If they seem commonplace (by you mentioning them), they’re less likely to hold them close to their breast.

      Does that help? Good luck, and thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Preston! Glad you made the trek over to see my blog – GDB has had a huge influence not only in advice but also in blog style.

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