How Much Should I Charge? eBook

HMSIC eBookFinally! An easy-to-use, all-in-one guide to pricing!

Create financial stability. Conquer your pricing anxiety. For just $15!

There’s no tougher aspect of freelancing than determining what you should charge, but this book provides all of the tools and wisdom you’ll need to gain confidence in your pricing and financial situation. Plus, we’ve included a ton of BONUS content like an easy-to-follow spreadsheet that does the math for you and more!

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A right-brained guide to pricing

Tired of pricing guides full of accounting terms you can’t understand? Then this book is for you – an easy-to-understand, written-in-plain-English guide suited for designers, photographers, writers, and any sort of freelancer!

Chock-full of super-beneficial bonus content

We know the stereotype: creatives + math = mess. So when you purchase the book, you’ll also get:

  • A super-simple spreadsheet that does all of the math for you
  • Advice and answers on tough pricing questions from veteran entrepreneurs
  • Appendix of budgeting, accounting, and freelancing resources

What people are saying about it

500+ designers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs can’t be wrong: this book is absolutely worth its weight in gold.

This book is a […] quick read, but it’s so deep and worth every second!!! I have been working myself to death and not understanding why I’m still in the “hobby” phase. But I think I have a better idea why now. I think this will be a very good year for me thanks to this book.
-Erica Miller

It has been hard as a new freelancer knowing what to charge and how to make the money I need to stay in business. I read April’s book and it all is starting to get better. I plan to raise my rates the smart way in a couple of months. This book is gold.
– Alhmad Dosdain

I hate spreadsheets. But this book helped me see that they’re not so evil…maybe. The calculator [April built] is helping me figure out my real worth as a freelance motion graphics artist.
– Kris Foll

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Answers to Common Questions

I want you to be absolutely thrilled with your purchase, so here are a few answers to common questions I’ve received about How Much Should I Charge.

How much does How Much Should I Charge cost?
Just $15.

Is How Much Should I Charge only applicable to US freelancers?
Nope! This bundle focuses on figuring out how much to charge based on your unique (personal and professional) situation, not on a local dollar amount.

Does How Much Should I Charge have any content for veteran freelancers?
From accounting and budgeting to financial wisdom to time-tracking suggestions and a conversation on industry standards and intellectual worth, I did my best to provide quality content for all experience levels of freelancers.

What if circumstances change? Won’t How Much Should I Charge be outdated?
No! The content in this bundle is designed to adapt to life, which is constantly changing. Not only can you see how paying off your car loan will increase your profits, you can also determine whether your dream home can become a reality.

I’m not a designer. Will How Much Should I Charge apply to my business?
Yes! How Much Should I Charge is written for all service-based entrepreneurs (even non-creatives). So even your cousin starting a tree removal business would benefit from this financial wisdom.

Which pricing system does How Much Should I Charge embrace?
How Much Should I Charge applies to your financial situation no matter whether you prefer to price hourly, per project, or on a value-based system. It’s all about creating financial stability and pricing confidence rather than touting a specific system.

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