April GreerHi! My name is April (Greer).

I’m both the brains and the brawn behind Greer Genius, although I have a wonderful behind-the-scenes support team.

I started Greer Genius in early 2011 to create a career and a life I love helping other businesses achieve their goals.

I also blog about the business end of creative entrepreneurship at Millo.


Check out my ebook, How Much Should I Charge? – an invaluable guide for all service-based entrepreneurs to get paid what you deserve and take steps toward financial security.


In addition to running my own business, I sometimes accept contract or part-time positions.

Currently, I’m the content manager at Millo and the project director at Reliable PSD.

For the 5 years prior to my independent career, I worked as an in-house supervisor of the graphics department and print shop. I designed vitamin bottle packaging, co-programmed a CD catalog, and soaked up as much information about offset printing as the press operators would tolerate.


My dad always used to say, “you’re too smart for your own good.” To be sure, I try. I really do love learning.

I’ve taken several continuing education design and typography courses at the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA). I’ve also studied posts as well as listened to webinars and interviews from people like Marcus Sheridan at The Sales Lion and Derek Halpern at Social Triggers, who combines psychological research with online marketing tools to provide excellent advice on online marketing strategy.

Finally, I graduated from Willamette University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. I know, not very “design-y.” However, I owe my web programming prowess to the CS department, while I get my design roots from working at the on-campus production studio throughout my college career (and summer vacations).

April: the Person

Beach with doggiesI’m a positive, friendly, curious being who believes the most important rule to follow is the Golden Rule.

My boyfriend and I have been together since October 1999 and enjoy a great relationship…and no, we have no plans to get married. We have two beautiful labradoodles, Henry (red harness) and Apollo (green harness).

Outside design, I enjoy organic gardening and composting, traveling, reading, puzzles, learning, video games, music, and sports, which I also officiate (volleyball and softball).

I serve on two volunteer Board of Directors: as the president of our homeowner’s association as well as the vice president for our community garden.

Until I moved from Oregon to Colorado, I volunteered at the Willamette Humane Society as a dog walker and pet spotlight writer. I even procured pro-bono space in regional newspapers for the pet ads. From January 2009 – May 2013, I accumulated over 300 hours of service.

I also volunteered as an ESL teacher for primarily Spanish-speaking adults.